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5 ways to spoil Dad this Father's Day


Let’s be honest, Dads are hard to buy for. If they want something, they’ll go and get it themselves. If they need something, Mum has probably sorted that out for them. So, on Father’s Day, the day that we show Dad how special he is to us, how do we...

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Tips for your next road trip with kids


A family road trip is an Australian tradition and a rite of passage for many young families. Packing up the car and heading out on an adventure to somewhere new is what family memories are made of but it’s important to set yourself up for success so that your Aussie...

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4 Hot Chocolates To Cosy Up To This Winter


Along with fruit and veggies, chocolate is an important food group to include in your life.  This isn't about indulging, it's about sharing. Treat yourself and your family to one of these warming recipes at home or at one of our parks this winter.    Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe & image...

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Cool Down in one of These 10 Swimming Pools


Have you heard it's been hot lately? As in, all over the news hot? Could fry an egg on a pan type of sweltering? When they say it's cooking, they mean it this time.  Summer is kicking it's feet up to stay a little while longer - we're not complaining....

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Rugged Luxury – Come inside for a tour of the O’Reillys off road van


 WATCH: MEET THE O’REILLYS AND COME INSIDE THEIR DECKED OUT HOME ON THE ROAD The O’Reillys have seen the inside of every different type of tent, campervan, and caravan; but now, see their new Dirt Road Xtreme Caravan in all its rugged luxury. As far as Kevin O’Reilly is concerned,...

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Over the Seas, On the Road – The Swiss Family travelling the Australian coast


The sunny Australian coastline isn’t just a favourite for Aussie families. It’s also a popular spot for international families who take to the coastline for sun, surf and family fun. WATCH: Meet the Meyer family from across the globe soaking up the Aussie sun.     Swiss couple Catherine and Hans Meyer...

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Benefits of a G'DAY Rewards Membership


At Discovery Parks, we're about taking care of our family of nomads, explorers, twitchers, fishermen, hikers, BBQ experts, and all of the rest. Our G'DAY Rewards members are valuable to us: you chose us, and we want to give back to you. Guests return to our parks with their families,...

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How To Train Your Future Commonwealth Athlete At The Park


You're watching the impressive Commonwealth Games athletes on TV and you know in your heart of hearts that your aspiring career as a gymnast (you can do a somersault if the ground is soft enough) won't come true. It isn't too late for your kids, though. They're young and enthusiastic...

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6 Ways To Turn Your Site Into A Rabbit Hutch


Make it a hoppy Easter and turn your site into a rabbit hutch. These may be a little eggcentric, but they'll get you right into the spirit of the holiday.  The six crafty ways to spruce up your van will look so good, even the Easter Bunny will be jealous. ...

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Little Family, Big Lap: A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Holiday


Meet Lloyd and Bec Pollard from Sydney, New South Wales who embarked on the road trip of a lifetime around Australia with their two kids, Ava and Finn.     When Lloyd and Bec Pollard decided to take a break from the bustle of Sydney, they embarked on the road trip of...

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Tent Life With The Hassums: Quality Family Time Made Easy


Watch: Meet the Hassum family as they share their stories from the road.  Meet Michelle and Scott Hassum who like getting back to nature with their kids, Milla and Charlie, making quality time easy as they holiday in a tent.   Barefoot and at ease, the kids laze on bean bags...

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Meet The Gang: A Family Tradition of Holidaying in Forster


Watch: Meet Sue and the Wallace Gang as they share their stories from the road, which began with a simple riverside ski holiday that turned into a family tradition spanning three generations.    Meet Sue and Peter a couple from Newcastle, New South Wales, who have turned their riverside ski holiday...

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Fantastic 14 Ways To Never Be Bored In Summer


No more “I’m bored!”. Island adventures, movies under the stars, flying through the trees, and more – without even leaving good ol’ Oz. While the sun is living its best life, discover our fantastic seasonal activities to keep the young’ns sprightly and smiling.   Snorkel with finned friends Prepare for the...

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6 Healthy and Happy New Year’s Resolutions For Your Family


Another year, another set of resolutions – but how long do you actually stick to them before throwing by the wayside? We’re all a bit guilty of waning enthusiasm. Which is why we’ve come up with six easy and healthy New Year’s resolutions for the whole family. For the new...

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Australian Beach Cricket Rules For Summer Holiday Fun


Round up the kids, pack up the car and don’t forget the tennis ball: it’s time to head to the coast for a game of beach cricket. Beach cricket is often an improvised, comically competitive game that will almost always end in tears or laughs (usually both). All you need...

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Your go-to cricket slang dictionary for Ashes, Big Bash and the summer of cricket


Whether you’re watching the professionals during the Ashes or Big Bash or playing peace-keeper at the family’s backyard or beach test series, we’ve got you covered for all your cricket vocab. So your cricket terminology isn’t too hot… don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Better yet, we’ve piled...

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The Ultimate Australian Guide to Backyard Cricket


Each backyard has their own set of rules to suit the size and players, so here’s some Australian backyard cricket basics that come into play in every game. Backyard cricket is a rite of passage for Australian families. Whether you’re watching the professionals during the Ashes or Big Bash, you’ll...

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Travel Hacks: Save Money These Summer Holidays


There’s nothing quite like getting away with family and friends during the summer holidays! While Christmas is a joyous time (the best time!), the festive season can be stressful and can really be a stretch on your finances. To help you out, we've pulled together some of the different ways...

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Bound Round: Discovery Parks - Dubbo


Always wanted to take a family trip to Dubbo and visit the famous Dubbo Zoo? There's that and so much more to enjoy while visiting Discovery Parks - Dubbo.  Bound Round visited our park to put us to the test - and rated us a 10/10! Watch their review of...

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Splish, Splash and Dunk At One Of These Waterparks


We can feel the breeze already: the fan pointing directly at our faces at full blast while the kids poke us to take them to the pool. We all have a complicated relationship with summer. But you can't beat that sunshine, happiness, and extra time to spend with your family. ...

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Family Of Four Turn Back On Suburban Living For Life In A Tent: Meet Shelby


This family swapped their bricks and mortar abode for life in a tent. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of a tent zip opening. As the condensation shifts and the first of the morning sunlight hits your face, it brings promise of an exciting new day ahead. Just...

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18 Family Holiday Experiences In Spring


The kids have so much energy you'll all love to go on long bike rides. No, wait, maybe the week is too hectic and you want to rest outside on the grass among the flowers. Still doesn't sound like your family? How about: festivals, music, live circuses and the like....

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Easy Peasy Meals For Winter School Holidays


The mid-year school holidays are coming up and we have a few ideas about how to feed the tribe when you stay at the park. Whether you're at a site or cabin, we have created a menu of options to eat with your family.  From cheesy breakfast burritos for the...

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Winter School Holiday Activities


Discovery Parks across the country are bubbling with energy and happy families during the School Holidays. Our holiday parks have carefully created programs this winter to make sure your kids are made busy, active and entertained.  From country-themed shindigs to crazy crafts, find out our top school holiday activities from...

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Best Bakeries On Australia's Best Journeys


How completely satisfying is biting into a meat pie right out of the oven or a custard-filled tart? The warm, comforting feeling of freshly made food on holiday is exactly what we look for on a winter's day. Bakeries across Australia are serving up mouth-watering pies, cheesecakes, scrolls, macarons and...

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