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10 Essentials For Camping In WA

16 Jul 2015

When you go camping, you know to bring the usual stuff: tent, knives, dishcloths and so on. But there are essentials for camping in WA that are good for multiple things, and could end up being a lifesaver, especially in remote locations.

10 Essentials to take camping in Western Australia:

  1. Spaghetti: A great stand in “long match” for lighting camp stoves or campfires. This camping essential also doubles as a skewer and can hold knife blades instead of taking a knife block or shopping around for a blade cover.
  2. Fresh sage: Throw this on the fire for an all-natural mosquito repellent, which is a MUST when camping in WA. Sage tea is also great for a scratchy throat, 2 tablespoons of fresh sage in hot water is all it takes. Honey and lemon are welcome additions to your hot drink.
  3. Floss: The added bonus of keeping those “pearly whites” pearly and white with floss is that it doubles as a fishing line and a clothesline. This camping essential is also a great fill-in for broken shoelaces.
  4. 2% Iodine tincture: The ‘go-to’ for wound-care and water purification during your WA camping To get drinking water add 5 drops to 1L of warm, clear fresh water or 10 drops if its cold and cloudy water. It will be drinkable after one hour.
  5. Duct tape: More uses than you could poke a stick at. Duct tape is great for tent and bag repairs, sprained ankles in an emergency and also help to make an emergency sling for broken arms. You can wrap a length of this camping essential lightly around your child’s wrist, with the adhesive facing out, for them to stick flowers and leaves to for a “nature bracelet”. An absolute must for remote camping in Western Australia.
  6. Kitty litter: Dropped your phone in a puddle? Got smelly hiking boots? Throw them in a bag of kitty litter and it will remove moisture and smell overnight. Rice is also good for wet electronics, but it falls short on the deodorising capabilities.
  7. Magnets: Dropping lures, keys, knives or tools in awkward spots are found much easier with the use of a magnet. The bigger the magnet, the better! It can also be a fun camping essential to go treasure hunting with. Attach some floss to your magnet for things that have fallen over ledges. Note: Magnets are attracted to nickel, iron and cobalt.
  8. Ironing board: Haven’t got a kitchen table at your site? Take the ironing board and use it as a makeshift camp table for cutting up veggies and preparing meals.
  9. Shoe organiser: Sort all your food in a cheap shoe organiser and hang it from the car door to make it easier access to spices and meal ingredients.
  10. Rubbing alcohol: This has so many uses it’s not funny. Rubbing alcohol is useful for itch relief, reducing swelling and cold sore prevention. You can fill a spray bottle with this camping essential and use it for deodorising your hands, clothes or shoes, and de-greasing. Use it as a fruit fly repellent, glasses cleaner, and will help with tick removal.

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