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The Best Easter Holidays in Australia this year


Updated March 2023 Need an excuse to get more out of your Easter long weekend? Just a few days annual leave gets you a ten-day break. Go on, you know you want to. Try these four underrated locations on for size - it's not too late to book a getaway...

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16 Family Holiday Experiences In Spring


Say goodbye to winter, and hello to spring - the season many of us have been waiting for! Rediscover your backyard and start planning your next family holiday with us. From tiny tots to awesome adults, seasonal events are happening all over the country that are set up for all...

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Tackling the Warlu Way in Northwest WA


A world of adventure awaits on one of Western Australia’s favourite road trips. Travelling family @4boysandacaravan show us how its done...   Never heard of the Warlu Way? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Warlu Way is a near 3,000km network of sealed and unsealed roads that traverses Western Australia’s incredible...

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4 Hot Chocolates To Cosy Up To This Winter


Updated June 2022 There’s nothing better than a winter warmer recipe to add a little cosiness to a chilly day, and a sweet treat never goes astray either. While a mug of cocoa is a classic, you can take your hot choccie from drab to fab with these four delicious...

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Benefits of a G'DAY Rewards Membership


At Discovery Parks, we're about taking care of our family of nomads, explorers, twitchers, fishermen, hikers, BBQ experts, and all of the rest. Our G'DAY Rewards members are valuable to us: you chose us, and we want to give back to you. Guests return to our parks with their families,...

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Top 12 Spring Attractions Across Australia


Winter is slowly passing and soon the trees will bud, Days will grow longer and spring can enter in a thud. If you like the seasons changing but love your comfy bed, Pack your bags & raincoats and drive to these events instead. What a country we live in, with...

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7 Gadgets of Happily Roving People

Posted by Discovery Parks

on 14/06/2017

Winter's here, the travelling months have kicked off and the caravan is ready for a drive. Everyone has their basic necessities: spare fan belt, a comfy camp chair, a good crime novel. But what about those gadgets you've picked up over time and didn't know you would actually need? When...

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Best Bakeries On Australia's Best Journeys


Updated April 2022 How satisfying is biting into a freshly baked pie straight out of the oven? Or a custard-filled tart just out of the fridge? The comforting feeling of handmade food is exactly what we look for as the weather gets cooler. Bakeries across Australia are delivering on this...

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5 Reasons To Take It Slow in Onslow


The coast of Australia is spectacular: the salty air, the cool breeze, and the sunsets along the horizon. But sometimes it can get a little crowded at the beach and you really would prefer some peace. Few or no people to be able to completely and totally relax.  At the...

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Things To Check Before You Go


Have you ever left the house for a holiday and wondered: is the stove on? Or are my clothes still on the line? We've all been there. No matter how many times you've gone for a holiday, the morning of the trip is enough to make you frazzled. Making breakfast,...

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Port Hedland: Shellebrity Status


Turtle nesting season is in full groove. Starting in December, the adorable baby turtles will be hatching at the beach across the road from Discovery Parks - Port Hedland.  Discovery Parks is a proud sponsor of Care for Hedland, a community-run turtle monitoring program. In an effort to provide marine...

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Things To Do In Port Hedland: For The Outdoor Enthusiast


Chase a new adventure and try these Port Hedland attractions From off-road four wheel driving, to coastal walking trails and endless fishing hot spots, Port Hedland attractions are seeing outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers take advantage of this undiscovered Pilbara treasure. Depending on your sense of adventure, we have plent...

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Top 5 Things To Do In Port Hedland


This is your complete directory to the best things to do in Port Hedland. These sites will suit anyone staying in the area for 3-5 days and works whether you’re heading there for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a long weekend holiday with some friends. #5 Thing to...

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10 Essentials For Camping In WA


When you go camping, you know to bring the usual stuff: tent, knives, dishcloths and so on. But there are essentials for camping in WA that are good for multiple things, and could end up being a lifesaver, especially in remote locations. 10 Essentials to take camping in Western Australia:...

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Fishing In Western Australia's Pilbara


Who needs to buy a fish for lunch or dinner when you can catch a fish, or several, off the beach in the Pilbara? With this quick fishing guide to the Pilbara, you can be reeling in some big catches for yourself at your Pilbara accommodation. Fishing Spots in the...

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Port Hedland - Summer In August


If you didn’t book leave in time for summer holidays, don’t stress. Winter is just around the corner, so take those extra months to save up more and book a holiday for Port Hedland. For stress free, comfortable Port Hedland accommodation, check out Discovery Parks - Port Hedland. Port Hedland...

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Digital Detox In The Pilbara


Everyone is talking about the ‘Digital Detox’, a holiday away from your technology, which can be easily achieved in the Pilbara. Sounds thrilling and terrifying all at once, doesn’t it? But apparently, there are many reasons to try a digital detox, and what’s a better place to attempt this than...

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Hiking In Australia: Karratha


Karratha is nestled in the middle of many amazing sights. Places like the Dampier Archipelago and the Karijini National Park are major tourist locations for northern WA. It is a top location in Australia for hiking, one to add to the old bucket list. With all the land in WA,...

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