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travelling with kids

Travelling over the festive season? Here's How to Tell Santa Claus about your Travel Plans


“If we’re not home on Christmas Day, how will Santa Claus know where to find us?” The age-old question asked by youngsters during the festive season. Let’s face it, kids ask tons of questions about Christmas and Santa Claus in general but, for when the “he knows where you are”...

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TODDLER TRAVELS – Caravanning with Kids around Australia


Making the most of the coast with two little ones and a campervan.   Travelling with toddlers doesn’t have to be difficult, according to Tara and Mark Kunze, who are avid caravan and camping fans. WATCH: On the Road with Tara and Mark in Tannum Sands, Queensland as they share tips...

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Little Family, Big Lap: A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Holiday


Meet Lloyd and Bec Pollard from Sydney, New South Wales who embarked on the road trip of a lifetime around Australia with their two kids, Ava and Finn.     When Lloyd and Bec Pollard decided to take a break from the bustle of Sydney, they embarked on the road trip of...

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Tent Life With The Hassums: Quality Family Time Made Easy


Watch: Meet the Hassum family as they share their stories from the road.  Meet Michelle and Scott Hassum who like getting back to nature with their kids, Milla and Charlie, making quality time easy as they holiday in a tent.   Barefoot and at ease, the kids laze on bean bags...

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Meet The Gang: A Family Tradition of Holidaying in Forster


Watch: Meet Sue and the Wallace Gang as they share their stories from the road, which began with a simple riverside ski holiday that turned into a family tradition spanning three generations.    Meet Sue and Peter a couple from Newcastle, New South Wales, who have turned their riverside ski holiday...

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Fantastic 14 Ways To Never Be Bored In Summer


No more “I’m bored!”. Island adventures, movies under the stars, flying through the trees, and more – without even leaving good ol’ Oz. While the sun is living its best life, discover our fantastic seasonal activities to keep the young’ns sprightly and smiling.   Snorkel with finned friends Prepare for the...

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Family Of Four Turn Back On Suburban Living For Life In A Tent: Meet Shelby


This family swapped their bricks and mortar abode for life in a tent. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of a tent zip opening. As the condensation shifts and the first of the morning sunlight hits your face, it brings promise of an exciting new day ahead. Just...

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