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24 Stunning National Parks in Australia


Get places so magical, you'll wonder why you haven't tried losing your way before. Emus walking right up to you, crocodiles basking in the sun and cod fishing on the Murray River - that's what you'll be rewarded with when you get off the beaten track in one of...

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4 Hot Chocolates To Cosy Up To This Winter


Along with fruit and veggies, chocolate is an important food group to include in your life.  This isn't about indulging, it's about sharing. Treat yourself and your family to one of these warming recipes at home or at one of our parks this winter.    Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe & image...

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Benefits of a G'DAY Rewards Membership


At Discovery Parks, we're about taking care of our family of nomads, explorers, twitchers, fishermen, hikers, BBQ experts, and all of the rest. Our G'DAY Rewards members are valuable to us: you chose us, and we want to give back to you. Guests return to our parks with their families,...

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Footy Season in Perth 2018


With the new Optus Stadium opened in January 2018, there's no better time to check out the new digs than this footy season. Watching the games at home is just not the same as seeing the players running and leaping across the green, drama erupting on and off the field. ...

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Australia's 10 Gnarliest Mountain Biking Spots


When you're a mountain biker, a stationary bike at the gym feels like a sad substitute. Being outside is essential when you're riding. You love the mud kicked up around your ankles, the quiet among the tall trees, and being in flight after a wicked jump.  From the dense and...

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10 Best Things To See and Do in South West, WA


Before we kick off why this region is your next must-see holiday destination, we need to start by showing you this:   Image: Swimmers in Geographe Bay, near Meelup; Credit: Tourism Western Australia.   Pretty easy on the eyes, eh? That's Bunbury and surrounds for you. Extaordinary landscapes, award-winning wineries, friendly dolphins,...

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Fremantle - City of Festivals


Visiting Fremantle is a lot like having a birthday party. You’ve got the great, indulgent foods (hams, pastas, sauces, sweets, breads), drinks everywhere (coffee, spritzers, cocktails, beers, wines, spirits), wacky and wonderful gifts (novelty shirts anyone?), performers (there’s always one singer at the party), laughter and tears (usually from too...

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What's On: Australian Events January to April 2018


G’DAY has found 12 events across Australia that need to be on your radar when planning your Aussie adventure. Check out these events for summer and beyond.   NEW SOUTH WALES Byron Bay Bluesfest WHEN: 29 March to 2 April WHERE: Byron Bay NEAREST PARK: Byron Bay WHAT: Byron Bay...

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Top 10 Things To Do In Perth


Have you ever seen a mermaid in real life? Aye, you'll see them swimming in their majesty at the Aquarium of Western Australia. If that is the first you've heard of them, believe us: there are so many hidden gems to be seen around Perth.  Whether you're travelling to the...

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18 Family Holiday Experiences In Spring


The kids have so much energy you'll all love to go on long bike rides. No, wait, maybe the week is too hectic and you want to rest outside on the grass among the flowers. Still doesn't sound like your family? How about: festivals, music, live circuses and the like....

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Easy Peasy Meals For Winter School Holidays


The mid-year school holidays are coming up and we have a few ideas about how to feed the tribe when you stay at the park. Whether you're at a site or cabin, we have created a menu of options to eat with your family.  From cheesy breakfast burritos for the...

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7 Gadgets of Happily Roving People

Posted by Discovery Parks

on 14/06/2017

Winter's here, the travelling months have kicked off and the caravan is ready for a drive. Everyone has their basic necessities: spare fan belt, a comfy camp chair, a good crime novel. But what about those gadgets you've picked up over time and didn't know you would actually need? When...

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Best Bakeries On Australia's Best Journeys


How completely satisfying is biting into a meat pie right out of the oven or a custard-filled tart? The warm, comforting feeling of freshly made food on holiday is exactly what we look for on a winter's day. Bakeries across Australia are serving up mouth-watering pies, cheesecakes, scrolls, macarons and...

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Top 5 Aussie Books For The Road


When on holiday, some of us are still hooked to our laptop checking our emails. The rest of us, well...we want to steer as far away from technology as we can. Best way to do that? Getting back to the simple pleasures in life and sitting down with a great...

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Things To Check Before You Go


Have you ever left the house for a holiday and wondered: is the stove on? Or are my clothes still on the line? We've all been there. No matter how many times you've gone for a holiday, the morning of the trip is enough to make you frazzled. Making breakfast,...

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The Great South: A Wine Connoisseur's Guide


You're a sommelier of a chewy vino, an expert in le blanc, or you can't say no to a high quality drink. Sip the best of the best in the West. Lining Perth city is the picture book Swan Valley. Charming colonial villages, Swan River views, and rolling countryside that'll...

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Fall In Love With Koombana Bay


Koombana Bay in Bunbury is one of those places people tend to fall in love with. For Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson, it was the love of a holiday by the water with family, chasing crabs, out fishing in their small boat, and making lifelong friends. One year passes and another...

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Experience The Wonder: The Better Half of Fremantle


What are you to do when the sun is shining and the beach is inviting? Plenty!  Lucky you, Cockburn and Greater Fremantle is jam-packed with events for the community to get around. Pull out your diaries & your summer sombreros, it's time to get festive in Fremantle!  1. South Beach...

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Road to Rainbows' Trip to Perth


DISCOVERY PARKS – PERTH We just wrapped up 5 beautiful days spent in Perth. We made some epic memories and had some unforgettable experiences. We split our stay between two Discovery Parks – Coogee Beach and Perth Vineyards. Here are our top picks for Perth Rottnest Island Catch the Rottnest...

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How To Visit Penguin Island Like A Pro


If you thought that penguins were limited to Antarctica and other icy places, you are happily mistaken. Penguin Island is located south of Perth, and is home to the little penguin, the smallest penguin in the species. Not only is Penguin Island home to penguins, but also boasts sea lions,...

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Woodman Point - A Slice Of Fremantle


Woodman Point is less than 10km from Fremantle, and is still unknown to lots of tourists despite the many attractions and sights nearby, making it a special place and a portion of what Fremantle is known for: beautiful beaches and relaxed people. For relaxed accommodation, check out Discovery Parks -...

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5 Reasons to Visit The Fremantle Prison


With so much to see and do in Fremantle, it’s not hard to be swept up by festivals, buskers, beaches and the many restaurants offering delicious culinary experiences during your stay at your Fremantle accommodation. So why, with all the happenings on in this cultural hot spot, would you bother...

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