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Fun in the Mud! 5 Things Kids Will Love this Winter

13 Jul 2018

Updated April 2022

Rainy days are not the end of holiday play!

While there’s no shortage of ways to make your own fun in the great outdoors, sometimes the simplest things are the best. And who doesn’t have a childhood memory of making a mess in the mud?

Things to do in winter kids activities mud banner

The good news is that muddy play is still a winner for all ages. Getting dirty in nature is not only a great way for little ones to hit pause on their screen time, most experts say a good dose of dirt can actually help a developing immune system.

So, get your kids in some gum boots and old clothes, set a few ground rules like no throwing or fighting, find the best puddles for squishing and squelching, and let their creativity thrive! Here's to mud. Enjoy our Top 5 Muddy Activities we think your little ones will love.

1. Mud Puddle Jumping

Things to do in winter kids activities puddle jumping

Jumping mud puddles is a classic for a reason - and is exactly what gum boots are made for! Cosy clothes are a must here, but nothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Go hopscotching through the biggest puddles you can find to make mucky memories that stick – like mud!

2. Build a Mud Castle

Things to do in winter kids activities mud play

Swap your summer sandcastles for mud forts and mud-brick houses! You’ll need buckets and shovels for this one, plus you can add roads and bridges for toy cars. Make it a competition with siblings or friends so see who can build the best mud castle! 

3. Mud Exploration

Things to do in winter kids activities kid friendly

Junior explorers can discover a whole new world in the mud. Pack some tongs, zip-loc bags and a magnifying glass to examine what’s happening inside the miniature muddy landscape. Or why not scatter some small plastic dinosaurs in the mud and go “fossicking” (just remember to pack them all up at home time). 

4. Bake some Mud Pies

Things to do in winter kids activities mud castles

Mini bakers love creating pretend pies, magic muffins and crusty cakes - all in the mud! Our tip for the best mud bakery in town is an aluminium tray so they can keep all of their scrumptious ingredients together: mud, leaves, petals, twigs, and anything else they might find are all great ways to spruce up a mud feast!

5. Become a Mud Picasso

Things to do in winter kids activities mud hands

Budding young artists will love using their muddy fingers as brushes to create their very own mud masterpiece. All you’ll need is some paper and a little imagination. Encourage them to create whatever comes to mind, something they can see in the park, or why not try a self-portrait!

Looking for good clean fun instead?

We’re all for embracing the mud this season, but there are plenty of ways to stay entertained (and dry) in our parks! Check out some of the free kids’ facilities you’ll find at over 75 Discovery Holiday Parks across Australia.

Ready to discover your next family holiday? 


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