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Embrace The Mud With These 5 Kids Activities

13 Jul 2018

 Mud Play Activities Blog


The idea of getting socks drenched and pants caked in mud can be a bit of a scary idea. "What about the clean-up?", we hear you asking. Gum boots, clothes that aren't their Sunday best, and even a waterproof apron should have them ready for the adventure. Our top tips forafter the mud: hose down hands and boots (or feet), and be ready with a towel by the door to the house! 

Here are our top five mud play activities that your little ones will love. 

1. Mud Puddle Jumping

Their gum boots will be thankful for the little makeover - what are they for anyway? Dress up the kids in loved rain coats (or old warm clothes that don't matter too much) and go hopscotching in the mud puddles. Splashing around may sound messy, and you're absolutely right! Memories of mucking about in puddles with family are ones that'll stick - like mud.  

2. Build a Mud Castle

This is just like the summers you spend building mega sand kingdoms at the beach. You'll need buckets of different sizes, small kids' shovels, and even sand castle moulds if you have them. If you have a small patch of your garden that's a bit more dirt than flowers, this is the perfect spot to pour some water over and let the kids lead in the play. 

3. Mud and Dirt Exploration

With trench coats and a magnifying glass, they'll basically be tiny versions of Sherlock Holmes. Bring a kit of tongs, ziploc bags, and a magnifying glass to investigate what's happening in the dirt and mud. They'll find sticks, worms, and critters of all kinds. For another layer of fun, scatter small plastic dinosaurs or bugs into the mud and go "fossicking" for them!

4. Create Mud Pies

Don't worry, no one's going to make you eat a slice (or handful) of mud. But you will be invited in for a seat and a meal of a lifetime at your child's hip mud bakery. An aluminimum bakery tray is a must for this activity, so they can pack together all of the scrumptious ingredients: mud, leaves, petals, twigs, and anything else they might find in nature that'll spruce up the dish. 

5. Mud Picasso

A.k.a. Mud Masterpiece Making! Use paper as the canvas, and fingers as the brushes. Let their imaginations wander and encourage them to create whatever comes to mind: kangaroos, snakes, and koalas - oh my! For prompting, ask them to paint something they see. A bird, a tree, a friend, your home - these can all be inspiration for their next creation. 


Embrace the mud (and the mess!). 


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