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Free Fun for the Young at Discovery Parks

16 Feb 2018

Caravan parks are in the hearts and memories of many Australians, hoping to continue the family holiday tradition with their own children. But what is there really to do now, since playing with sticks and rocks is simply not enough anymore? 

Discovery Parks have a variety of kids facilities available to busy the kids and allow the adults to finally relax. These facilities are at selected parks, so make sure to check their park pages before booking.

From the splashtacular dunktastic fun at our waterparks to a bouncing bonanza on the jumping pillow, find out what features we have for families. 

Jumping Pillows

Types of Discovery Holiday Park Kids Facilities

"Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce" - Tigger. 

Jumping love them! These massive inflatable trampolines are safe (no head bouncing, please) and provide all-day entertainment. 


Types of Holiday Park Kids Facilities

What's childhood without the endless hours spent clowning around the playground? Some of us are experts on the monkey bars, others get a thrill from looking down on the swing. Discovery Parks - Robe is glitz and glam with a brand new nature playground, complete with nature-themed equipment for the Tarzan in us. 

Swimming Pools

 Types of Discovery Holiday Park Kids Facilities


Dip in for a bit of exercise, to cool down from the heat, or to play games. The swimming pool is an always appreciated piece of respite from the heat. Bring a snorkel mask, floaties, noodles, and the like to make it all the more awesome. 


Sports Facilities 

Kids Facilities

We can't wait to beat our siblings in a game of tennis! Have your family reunion at the park and you can prove your Australian Open potential. Byron Bay and Tannum Sands have tennis courts, and Pambula Beach has a brand new Rage Cage - a multi-sport facility for heaps of activities. It's not just these locations though, so check out your dream parks and see what features they have to offer. 

Games Room

Kids Facilities

Lots of parks have a games room with air hockey tables, arcade games, table tennis, and more. Remember the 80s when you and your friends would head to the arcade for a few hours? It's like that, only better because you're on holiday. And you can say that you're there because your kids are playing the games, but really you're there to win. 


Kids Facilities

We've got fifteen waterparks across our portfolio in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. A fantastic feature at our parks, families come from far and wide to slide, splash, and dash in the heat. Find out where our nine waterparks are and book your stay today. 


Discover a family holiday at Discovery Parks and book today.



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