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Your guide to the best bike parks in Australia

6 Dec 2023

For the first timers to the adrenalin junkies of the mountain biking world, we've got the ultimate guide for your two-wheeled escapades!

Best Bike Tracks blogImagine feeling the whoosh of wind on your face as you zoom down a hill for the first time or just simply going at your own pace, cruising around a Discovery Park pump track. Sounds pretty enticing, right? Whether you're a speed seeker or a skill-building, come along for the ride with us.

For the little ones

Here's the inside scoop: Discovery Parks is packed with loads of fantastic activities for the kiddos, and the fun factor is next level! But here's the kicker – did you really grasp the full extent of the excitement? Brace yourself because we've got pump tracks tucked away in some of our parks, transforming your little ones into the future Lance Armstrongs of the biking world.

These tracks are crafted to boost kids' confidence and even make a new bike crew along the way. Get ready for a pedal-powered adventure like no other!

Pump Track at Nagambie LakesSee below Discovery Parks that have pump tracks:
Discovery Parks – Coolwaters, Yeppoon (BMX track)
Discovery Parks – Bunbury Foreshore
Discovery Parks – Echuca (BMX track)
Discovery Parks – Nagambie Lakes
Discovery Parks – Alice Springs
Discovery Parks – Lake Bonney
Discovery Parks – Forster
Discovery Parks – Eden
Discovery Parks – Narooma Beach

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Bike Hire at Parks

For those wanting a more laid-back and scenic vibe, a leisurely bike ride around the region is your perfect match. Forget your bike this trip? No sweat! At Discovery Parks, we've got bikes for hire, ensuring you don't miss out.

Whether you're a family in search of a relaxed pedal through picturesque trails or a solo explorer, we've got you covered. See our friendly staff in reception for details on how to hire them.

Nomads on bikes

See below Discovery Parks that have hire bikes available:
Discovery Parks – Barossa Valley
Discovery Parks – Clare
Discovery Parks – Airlie Beach
Discovery Parks – Fraser St, Hervey Bay
Discovery Parks – Woodman Point (Electric Bikes)
Discovery Parks – Bunbury Foreshore
Discovery Parks – Goolwa
Discovery Parks – Byron Bay
Discovery Parks – Alice Springs
Discovery Parks – Lake Bonney

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Parks near the best Mountain Biking tracks

We have hit the jackpot with incredible mountain biking parks right in our own backyard!

If you are after something a bit more fast-paced and gravity defying, then check out Australia’s gnarliest mountain biking spots.

Here are our top 5 mountain biking spots for all the thrill-seekers out there.


Just a 14-minute drive away Discovery Parks - Eden, Calling all adventure fanatics in NSW, Gravity Eden is now open and this track is not your average joyride; it's a gravity-fed masterpiece. We're not talking about a mere track; it's a full-blown odyssey through a landscape that'll make you gasp. Panoramic views? Check. Immersive connection with nature? Double-check. There are three main zones, with multiple tracks in each.

You have the Adventure zone, the perfect spot to master your riding skills, whether you're a rookie or a pro. The Flow zone, where you take those descending skills to the next level. And then there is the Gravity zone. Brace yourself, there are longer descending trails of varying difficulty waiting for you to make that first descent.

So, which zone are you conquering first?
Gravity Eden

Credit: Gravity Eden
Discovery Parks also close by: Discovery Parks – Pambula Beach

Hold onto your handlebars, because Eagle Mountain Bike Park isn't your average ride in the park. With sweeping city views before plunging into the lush embrace of the trees, the park is located just 12km Southeast of Adelaid. It offers 41 heart-pounding trails, making it the gnarliest spot in town. Once the esteemed host of XC National Championships and Enduro National titles, it has a rap sheet for putting riders against rugged terrains that demand skill and grit.

Another part of the park is Eagle Bowl, a stairway to biking heaven. Get ready for steep, rocky, and loose XC trails that will test your courage. And we haven’t forgot about the more experienced riders - gear up for the 4X course that is said to be the gnarliest of them all.

Eagle MountainCredit: Eagle Mountain 

Discovery Parks close by: Discovery Parks – Hahndorf

It's no secret that Rockhampton reigns supreme as the ultimate destination for mountain biking. Nestled amongst breathtaking mountain ranges and lush landscapes, this northern Australian gem offers a diverse range of trails that cater to every rider's fantasy.

Whether you're finding your feet (or should we say pedals) and conquering the iconic First Turkey Mountain Bike Reserve in the foothills near Mount Archer National Park. Perfecting your skills at Seeonee Park, the training ground for XC riders looking to flex their endurance muscles. Or, exploring the newest trail network, Mount Morgan MTB with 24kms of trails for every rider level.

Being just a short 8-minute drive from Discovery Parks – Rockhampton, Rocky MTB, managed by the Rockhampton Mountain Bike Club where every turn feels like a plot twist in a gripping novel.

MTB First TurkeyCredit: Rock Hampton Mountain Bike Club Inc.
Discovery Parks also close by: Discovery Parks – Coolwaters, Yeppoon

The Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails Trailhead is your ticket to a 98-kilometer joyride through three epic locations that are begging to be explored. We're talking about a mixed-landscape bonanza that's tailor-made for those craving multi-day adventures.

The Latrobe leg? Oh, it's like the friendly cousin of the Wild Mersey network, perfect for family hangs and those who want to cruise or up their descending game on some gravity-style trails. And get this, the trails are stacked like a game of Jenga - the further you wander from the trailhead, the gnarlier they get.

Now, if you're rolling into Railton, you can park it there or hop on the 9.75km Railton express from the Latrobe trailhead. And let's chat about the trio of trails waiting to blow your biking mind. First up, Teleport - a 3km climb that's practically a warm-up for the main event. Then, take your pick: the flowy and fun Green Hornet or the adrenaline-pumping Echidin’ Me for a real sting in the tail.

Then we have Sheffield, the mural-packed gateway to Cradle Mountain. Flexing with 30kms of terrain to suit every kind of rider. Ranging from Gold rush, emphasis on the rush-part to being in the way Over Quolified zone where fear is not an option.

So, strap on that helmet, pump those tires, and let the Wild Mersey Trails unleash your inner biking beast.

Wild MerseyCredit: Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails 

Discovery Parks close by: Discovery Parks – Devonport


Mt Beauty's Big Hill Mountain Bike Park is not just a park; it's a playground with over 40 kilometers of trails that'll make your spokes spin with joy.

Picture this: the Kiewa River flowing through town, a refreshing pitstop for all bikers. Just 30 kilometers west of Bright, Mt Beauty is like the cool kid in the biking gang. It's got it all – family-friendly vibes, accommodations, a brewery, cafes, and a small shopping precinct. And if you think that's it, buckle up because a short drive takes you to the biking nirvana of Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park.

Now, let's talk trails. The Yellow Loop is like the rollercoaster of the mountain biking world – challenging, exhilarating, and also includes a grand tour of Mt Beauty's iconic trails. But, for those who prefer the downhill express, hop on the DH Descent. Shuttling up BHP Rd and once up the top of Mt Beauty proper, it leads to an adrenaline-pumping descent down DH1 track back to the carpark.

Families, we've got your back too. Head 2km up BHP Rd to Shady Gully car park, the gateway to Dart Spur's easy-breezy trails. Cruise up the fire road, take Sesame Street or The Labyrinth, and voilà – a family-friendly loop that'll have you grinning like a kid with an ice cream cone.

Now, for the scenic intermission – climb the Up Track to reach Whipps Chair. The view? Unrivaled. The chair? An original "Whipps Design" masterpiece. It's like a VIP lounge for bikers, minus the velvet ropes.

Mt Beauty MTB ParkCredit: Mt Beauty Mountain Bike Park
Discovery Parks close by: Discovery Parks – Bright

But enough chatter—let's hit the dirt!

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