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6 Ways To Turn Your Site Into A Rabbit Hutch

26 Feb 2018

Make it a hoppy Easter and turn your site into a rabbit hutch. These may be a little eggcentric, but they'll get you right into the spirit of the holiday. 

The six crafty ways to spruce up your van will look so good, even the Easter Bunny will be jealous. 

1. Autumn Footprint Art (Bunny and Carrots)

idea from One Krieger Chick

This one's best done on the driveway, but a bit of newspaper laid out and you'll be good to go. Who knew a masterpiece could be done with your feet? You'll be a modern day Carrot-vaggio. If you're heading to a site with your own kids or grandkids, make these super easy bunny and carrot steps to line the inside of your van. Click here for how-to

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2. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

idea from Ecoscrapbook

What's one of our favourite parts about arts & crafts? Getting really resourceful with our supplies. These Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies turn ordinary cardboard rolls into vibrant new house pets. Name them, paint them all the colours of the rainbow, and even take them on walks around the holiday park. The envy of your neighbours will be very real, so protect them with your life. Click here for the how-to

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3. Easter Suncatchers

idea from Everyday Dishes

Like looking into a kaleidoscope, hang up these groovy decorations to the outside of your van. Capture beautiful rays of light through an Easter Suncatcher. With transparency paper in every shade and this downloadable cut-out template, you'll have your own unique Easter glam that you can re-use each year. Click here for the how-to

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4. Deco Mesh Carrots

idea from Mardi Gras Outlet

If crafting is like a part-time job for you, then you'll get a kick out of this. These Deco Mesh Carrots are bait for the Easter Bunny to drop chocolate eggs around your site. Make them look like real carrots and shape them in all different sizes - that'll fool him. Then keep him forever so you'll have an endless supply of Easter chocolate for the rest of your life. Click here for the how-to

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5. Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

idea from Mavis Butterfield's One Hundred Dollars A Month

Change up the game this year with a glowing touch. Hold the hunt after dark and away the kids will be hopping around for the goods. Just stuff plastic eggs with little chocolates and glowsticks - presto! You've got yourself a party with the Easter Bunny. Click here for instructions

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6. Fun and Easy Easter Egg Lights

idea from Everyday Parties

Has the egg hunt lost some of its shine but you still want to add some flare to your set-up? These Easter Egg Lights will brighten up your van back into the spritely young thing you remember it to be! Instead of hanging around the gaslight for chats after tea, this'll keep the fun and laughter going (until park curfew). Click here for instructions

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Ready to set up your rabbit hutch? Book your autumn holiday on a site at Discovery Holiday Parks.


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