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Stories of Courage: James

14 Feb 2017

Discovery Parks has become a proud sponsor and partner of Variety the Children's Charity. An organisation founded on the principle that all kids deserve a fair go. Variety aims to support children who are sick, disadvantaged, or who have special needs. 

With your help, we are raising $50,000 per year throughout our parks to support Variety and all of its charitable works. 

Learn more about the children Variety has helped and what your dollar can do!


James is a twelve-year-old boy who loves cooking and playing boccia, despite being born with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia and a lower left arm amputation.  Tragically, James lost his mother at an early age but thanks to the support of a Variety Scholarship and his wonderful father, he has succeeded in his dream sport, recently winning gold in the Australian National Boccia Championships! Donate now to help children just like James.




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