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Stories of Courage: Thomas

9 Feb 2017

Discovery Parks has become a proud sponsor and partner of Variety the Children's Charity. An organisation founded on the principle that all kids deserve a fair go. Variety aims to support children who are sick, disadvantaged, or who have special needs. 

With your help, we are raising $50,000 per year throughout our parks to support Variety and all of its charitable works. 

Learn more about the children Variety has helped and what your dollar can do! 


Thomas is six years old and lives with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. He used a crocodile walker to move around, and had up to 30 hours of intensive therapy each week.  Thomas was also required to have botulinum-toxin (botox) injected into his legs every three to four months to ease the tightness in his muscles.  As his body became more resistant to the botox, and it becomes less effective, his parents investigated alternative solutions for his condition.  In consultation with his specialist, they were told about selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery which cuts through selected nerve fibres in the spine to reduce tightness in the muscles, but is only currently available in the US.  After fundraising $15,000 and managing to get their flights donated, they turned to Variety for assistance, who funded nearly $75,000 for the surgery and associated costs.  Today Thomas is making improvements every day.  He can already stand on one foot and will completely get rid of his crocodile walker very soon as he takes off and gets stronger every day.

‘The surgery changed his life, but Variety made it happen.  There has been a profound difference in every aspect of his life.  He now takes fewer medications, concentrates better at school and his ability to walk has improved greatly; we will always be thankful to Variety.’’ Rebecca, Thomas’s mother



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