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School Holiday Road Tripping Movies

24 Jun 2016

School Holidays are just round the corner – again! Movies feature heavily in our holiday plans and not just the new releases!

These days we can watch movies in the car, the plane and even in the cabin, tent or caravan (thanks to the wonder of iPads). So in celebration of the upcoming school holidays and the many road-trips being planned…here are our Top 5 road-trip favourites (no points for guessing number 1):


Harry and the Hendersons The unlikely tale of a family who ‘adopts’ a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) after accidently running him over. The younger kids will love this one.


It’s a mad mad mad mad world An oldie but a goodie, a movie classic the kids will enjoy. As the title suggests the film follows a mad dash across the country to retrieve stolen funds. Starring Spencer Tracey, Mickey Rooney and Ethel Merman to name a few.


The Adventures of Milo & Otis A gentle and very cute tale about a pug and a tabby cat. Originally a Japanese film, the English version is narrated by Dudley Moore and tells the story of the animals adventures.


Cars Who doesn’t love the original Cars movie featuring Lightening, Mater and a whole bunch of classic road-trip songs including Route 66.


(insert fanfare here) National Lampoon’s Vacation This hysterical tale of a family vacation strikes a chord with so many of us. No matter how many times you’ve seen it before, the laughs are still there.