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Thrillers: The Best Holiday Reads For Winter

22 Jun 2016

These chilling stories are the best holiday reads to enjoy this winter. Just like the cold winter air, these books will send a cold shiver up your spine and keen you enthralled until the last page. These are the top 5 books that you should be packing for your weekends away, or picking up for a cosy night in. Keep all the lights on in the house, because the following books are guaranteed to keep you looking over your shoulder.

Nightblind by Ragnar Jonasson (Released January 15)

In an Icelandic town a local policeman is faced with tough task of finding who murdered a fellow officer in the dead of night, in an empty house. His task isn’t made any easier by the small-town politics and a new-comer who looks to be on the run from something too dark to talk about. Nightblind is the great new thriller debut by Ragnar Jonasson, waiting to chill you to the bone.

End of Watch by Stephen King (Releases on June 7)

With no connection to the movie by the same name, Stephen King’s End of Watch is the last book in the trilogy that started with Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers. A retired police detective faces the most dangerous case he’s ever seen and alongside his investigation partner, they step into the hands of a murderer who possess powers beyond their knowledge. If you haven’t read the first book, you might want to start there for this holiday read, but if you’re ready for it, Stephen King’s terrifying thriller to keep you looking over your shoulder.

Black Widow by Chris Brookmyre (Released January 28)

A must-have on your holiday reading list! A skilled surgeon uses her blog to campaign for women’s rights, not realising what she is about to face. As her personal details are published online in revenge for her writing, her life starts to fall apart. But then she meets a man she’s been waiting her whole life for, the perfect man. Everything is going as planned until the perfect man suddenly dies, leaving his sister with the task of finding out the truth about the surgeon, who the media is calling the Black Widow.

The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood (Releases on June 30)

Three-year-old Coco disappears during her father’s birthday, leaving behind her twin and older sister. Years later at her father’s funeral Coco’s older sister Milly and twin sister Ruby come together to find out what exactly happened to Coco. Their looking around uncovers plenty that many would prefer not to be known. This thrilling holiday read has been labelled “Taut, emotive and utterly compelling, an unputdownable ‘ripped from the headlines’ novel that you will want to talk about with everyone you know.”

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn (Released February 17)

This short novel is just that; short. The best part of this short novel is that it delivers on the suspense within its few pages. It’s a story of a woman who sells her services as a psychic and is hired to cleanse a house of evil spirits. Having no idea what she’s doing, the ‘psychic’ is paid to spend days there, applying sage in an effort to eject dark spirits that have affected the owner’s son. The end result is something more macabre than the ‘psychic’ was expecting.

Take some much needed R&R with one of these great thrillers and enjoy your thrilling holiday reads this winter.

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