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What To Do In Dubbo On A Budget

15 May 2015


What is there to do in Dubbo that will entertain the whole family on a budget? How do you plan for the attractions in Dubbo, like the Dubbo zoo, when the entry fees alone put you off? And that’s before you even think about travel costs, food and merchandise.

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How can you have a cost-effective trip to the one of the best attractions in Dubbo, like the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo without doing mental maths every time you pull out your wallet, and without seeming cheap on your weekend in New South Wales?

Here’s how:

A month before you go to Dubbo Zoo

Here’s what to do a few weeks, or even a month before you go to Dubbo Zoo:

  1. Sign up to a discount website and voucher alerts for the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. There’s a good chance you will see a deal for attractions in Dubbo pop up in your inbox.
  2. Call the Western Plains Zoo and ask a few questions.
  • Is there anything specific that you require for your visit? I.e. wheelchair access, parking requirements, toilet facilities with changing stations, etc.
  • What is the best time of year to visit the Dubbo attraction to see the most animals? The reason for this is that zoos usually have a breeding schedule and will know in advance if their furry friends aren’t going to be around for one reason or another.

Days before you go to Dubbo Zoo

  1. Check the Western Plains Zoo website to see what closures and works they have going on to make sure you are going to see all the animals you want to.
  2. Shop for your own snacks and drinks for your day at Dubbo zoo. This Dubbo attraction is a daylong experience, so pack plenty of water and food. You will cut back on cost if you take your own, plus it will be healthier. Tip: Pack everything into a backpack to save yourself from carting an esky around or going back to the car to collect lunch.
  3. Check online for the daily timetable to see what’s on in the Dubbo zoo and when. This way you will be guaranteed to see the animals at their feeding/interaction time. Plan your day around this.
  4. Pack your bag! Be sure to take anything that you may need. Here’s a rough guide:
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water
  • Camera and spare battery
  • Wet wipes – for food spills and even MIA toilet paper

Once you’re at Dubbo Zoo

You’ve got your cheap tickets and your food and drinks all set. Be sure to get there early for good parking. Now it’s time to enjoy your day at the Western Plains Zoo.

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