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Make A Splash At Forster Beaches And Rivers

15 May 2015

What’s water skiing like? How do you surf? What’s there to see underwater? These are some great things to learn and do in Forster. Forster beaches and rivers can answer all of these questions and more. Book your holiday at Discovery Parks - Forster to make the most of Forster tourism and see what the park has to offer!

Forster Beach and River Activities

  • Surf at One Mile Beach Forster

Don’t let its use of the imperial system fool you, One Mile Beach in Forster is a cool, reliable place to surf. With great waves during autumn and winter at all stages of the tide, you’ll enjoy tearing it up at this quiet, pebbly Forster Beach.

  • Water ski on Wallamba River

You know those water skis you bought because you ‘might try it one day’? Well go dig them out of your garage and chuck them in your car because that day has arrived. Water skiing is a popular past time in Forster beaches and rivers, particularly on the beautiful Wallamba River.

  • Kayak on Wallis Lake

Sitting around on a Forster beaches is all well and good for some, but not you. You want something that puts your physical capabilities to the test. Kayaking around Wallis Lake gives you a great workout, as well as a great view, giving you a completely different kind of Forster tourism.

  • Dive at Seal Rocks

Lovers of nature and history will be delighted by what Forster has to offer. Rather than being stuck in a stuffy old museum, you’ll see amazing coastal reefs and shipwrecks up close.

Find all the equipment you need for these activities and more at the local operators and enjoy the use of our park facilities. You can also enjoy their range of tours and cruises. Book your accommodation at Discovery Parks - Forster. 

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