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Digital Detox In The Pilbara

15 May 2015

Everyone is talking about the ‘Digital Detox’, a holiday away from your technology, which can be easily achieved in the Pilbara. Sounds thrilling and terrifying all at once, doesn’t it? But apparently, there are many reasons to try a digital detox, and what’s a better place to attempt this than the Pilbara, where you will be so distracted by all the raw beauty and things to do. An unplugged Pilbara experience in great, pet friendly accommodation could be just the thing you need to reconnect with yourself, your family, and even your work.

How to do a Digital Detox in the Pilbara:

Pack the Essentials:

  • Get a map. Or 4: You never know when you might tear right through one, or leave it on a table, or spill water all over it.
  • Water, lots of water: You never know when you may need a top up of fluids, or even your car.
  • Camera: Even though you are on a digital detox, you will want to capture memories, just don’t use your phone as the camera. For the real detox purists, pick up a chemist film camera or get the SLR out of storage.

1. Pilbara Digital Distraction

Cemetery Beach in Port Hedland is home to one of WA’s most amazing events; nesting and hatching flatback turtles. Nesting occurs between October and January, and hatching takes place between December and March.

The Detox Way

Hit up the Information Centre the moment you arrive in Karratha. This place is what the Internet is based off. It’s all there. Plus there’s a real person to question if you want more details about what time of day you should go to Cemetery Beach, not to mention other great locations.

2. Pilbara Digital Distraction

Head to the Karijini National Park to see real, untouched beauty in its most raw form.

Convinced? Good.

The Detox Way

This National Park is a good drive from Karratha, so keep the map handy. Ask at the Information Centre for things to look out for on your drive (like wildlife) or the best time of day to do the trip (to beat the heat) or landmarks that show how close you are to the turn off.

3. Pilbara Digital Distraction

The Dampier Archipelago. It’s resume boasts great fishing, snorkelling, swimming and exploring. It’s a culturally rich area that touches on the Aboriginal Heritage and European Heritage, with rock engravings and cast iron pots paying homage to the diverse Australian past.

The Detox Way

Go out into Karratha and talk to the locals. They have great insider info on things that aren’t as touristy, like where the perfect fishing spot off the Dampier Archipelago is.

4. Pilbara Digital Distraction

The Staircase to the Moon is an occurrence that takes place between March and October. The full moon rising is best viewed from Hearson’s Cove.

The Detox Way

Spend an afternoon reading, writing, or even just sitting and watching the world around you at Hearson’s Cove, or come down specifically for to see the Staircase appear.

Ready to escape the technological trap that is the modern world? Book accommodation at Discovery Parks - Karratha for a great Pilbara Digital Detox.

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