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What does the McCracken Master Plan propose for the site?

The G’DAY Group plans to invest around $40 million ($22m for McCracken and $18m for Goolwa) to develop family-friendly experiences that will draw tourists – and jobs – to the area.

Our vision is to create a Florida-style golf resort that offers luxury and fun experiences for parents and kids. 

The proposed development includes

  • a vision to have one of the best restaurants in the region, with a large alfresco bar.
  • a splash park
  • a jumping pillow
  • minigolf
  • more than 60 revamped 2-bedroom units
  • over 100 powered caravan sites
  • new amenities and camp kitchen

Who is the G’DAY Group, where is it based and what does it do?

The G’DAY Group is Australia’s largest regional accommodation network with more than 280 properties in its network of owned Discovery Parks and independent, licensed G’DAY parks.

Based in Adelaide, G’DAY Group is famous for reinventing holiday parks with touches of luxury and experiences and aims to appeal to camping enthusiasts as well as those who might never have tried camping or holiday parks before.

The group operates parks ranging from the resort-style Discovery -Rottnest Island, complete with acclaimed Pinky’s Beach Club, to the Cloncurry work stay park in Qld. It has recently acquired iconic properties including the Kings Canyon Resort in the NT and El Questro in WA.

Won’t turning the property into a holiday park devalue it?

The G’DAY Group’s investment is designed to create luxurious family-friendly accommodation and draw day trippers to the region by providing a range of experiences that appeal to young an old alike.

G’DAY Group has proven its credentials in operating world-class restaurants and its Pinky’s Restaurant in Rottnest Island has even been featured in an episode of MasterChef.

The new McCracken restaurant and bar are expected to become a tourism drawcard and we’re confident that the investment in the conference centre will enable us to attract larger events.

Will you use local tradespeople?

Yes, we definitely will where we can, but it depends a bit on availability. We expect to recruit more than 30 tradespeople including electricians, plumbers, landscapers and civil engineers.

Will the development have economic benefits for the region?

Absolutely! As well as using local trades, our waterparks, golf, events and fabulous new restaurant and bar will help draw people into the region and we’ll be encouraging them to explore while they are here.

Did you know that Austrade research in 2020 shows that every dollar spent on tourism generates another 91 cents in other parts of the economy – a higher multiplier than in mining, agriculture and financial services.

Will we lose our golf course?

The existing golf course and conference facility is not financially sustainable in its current format but the G’DAY investment will provide a lifeline for the golf course.

Golf-tourism is a big opportunity for us. Across the world we are seeing appeal grow for family-friendly golf resorts and the market is diversifying. SA will soon be home to one of Australia’s only – and best – family friendly golf resorts.

Will we lose any holes from the golf course?

No – this development will preserve the golf course.

The golf course will remain a full 18-hole golf course but there will be a minor reduction in the 1st, 10th, 18th holes, with netting protecting the 3rd and 1st holes.

Will locals be able to use the facilities?

Yes, G’DAY Group offers day passes to waterparks and facilities so the local community can enjoy them too.

Greenhills Adventure Park was popular but ultimately unsustainable – how can the G’DAY Group make a success of this development?

The G’DAY Group has a range of systems and practices, including our Discovery Way service standards, cutting edge digital marketing and group procurement that help us to run cost effectively. We can leverage these competitive advantages to maximise our occupancy and minimise operating overheads.

The proposed development will ensure that we can attract larger events to the region and our sophisticated marketing can be used to promote the region as a destination.

The McCracken Masterplan, together with our investment in the Goolwa holiday park will give guests at McCracken and Goolwa reciprocal access to waterplay attractions.

Will the development be noisy and disruptive and how long will it take?

As with any development, there is likely to be some minor disruption through the construction period but the G’DAY team is expert in managing developments.

Our team works to rigorous standards, within council guidelines around noise, and aims to minimise disruption to our neighbours. We want to ensure enduring positive relationships with our regional communities and we’ve done that successfully many, many times before – including in Rottnest Island in WA and Lake Bonney and the Barossa, SA.

Won’t the development damage fauna and flora around the site?

The team is very experienced in sensitively and carefully developing sites even in some of Australia’s most fragile environments – for example in the sand dunes at Rottnest Island.

We work with local authorities to ensure the impact is minimal and that we can help preserve the environment – after all, that connection with nature is such a big part of the holiday park experience!

Will roads be improved / will there be road access issues?

While we acknowledge there is likely to be an increase in the number and type of vehicles, Discovery commissioned a traffic report to identify the capacity of the road network to accommodate any increase in traffic caused by the proposed development. The Traffic Assessment does not indicate a need for an upgrade in traffic infrastructure.

What is the timeframe for the development?

The McCracken Development is expected to be completed by Christmas 2023 and the Goolwa development by 2022.

Will there be lots of construction noise and will it block my views?

We’ve been sympathetic of visual aspects for residents and guests within designs. Where possible, elements have been set downhill to preserve views.

Will the development be done in stages?

There may be some construction staging but our development application is for the full development.

Will there be any separation between golf and the children’s areas?

There will be netting on the edge of the golf course to minimise golf balls entering the children’s play spaces.

What consultation is taking place?

The consultation process is led by Council and we understand it to be a 15 day structured consultation.