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While the Kimberley is an iconic adventure holiday destination at any time of year, more and more people are discovering one of its best kept secrets: Waterfall Season. Every year between February and March, the Kimberley plays host to a stunning natural display like nowhere else on earth. The annual rainfall turns landmarks and riverbeds into show stopping phenomena that need to be seen to be believed.

The beauty of the Kimberley’s wet season, from December to March, is attracting increasing numbers of tourists to the region to witness the dramatic divergence of landscape. Cascading rivers flow where parched creek beds once dominated, and the landscape takes on a lush green that contrasts beautifully against the grey skies that herald the approach of a famous Kimberley thunderstorm.

Spectacular waterfalls are one of the biggest drawcards, however, with the East Kimberley in particular renowned for its magnificent cascades. Charlie Sharpe, a long-term Kimberley resident, describes Waterfall Season as a true bucket list experience, adding, “One of the absolute best times to experience the East Kimberley is definitely February and March which are traditionally our highest rainfall months. The landscape is spectacular, temperatures mild, and there are so few people in comparison to the crowds of June, July and August.”

Charlie understands the cyclical weather that controls the region, and is quick to dispel the myths that surround the so called wet season. “Up here in the Kimberley the term ‘wet season’ really does give a false impression,” he says. “In fact, at Lake Argyle in the East Kimberley, we experience at least 340 days of sunshine each year, with an average annual rainfall of just 787mm.”

The Kimberley Wet Season – The Facts

The following facts bring perspective to the seasonal misconceptions, and highlight why Waterfall Season is rated so highly by visitors to The Kimberley:

  • Contrary to the belief it rains daily for six months from October to March, you can expect blue skies and high temperatures, with most of the heavier rain falling mainly between January and March.
  • While some areas of the remote Northern Kimberley coast experience annual rainfall that has been known to creep above 1000mm, it’s still far less than Cairns, for example, which receives 2½ times that, while other North Queensland regions average above 4000 mm per annum.
  • The wet season is the best time to witness the spectacular seasonal thunderheads and lightning displays prolific throughout the region.
  • It’s a unique time to take a scenic flight over the many spectacular waterfalls. To view the thundering Mitchell, Revolver or King George Falls from above is an experience like no other.
  • While some Kimberley roads are closed, and several causeways may flood for a couple of hours, the reality is the national highway between Sydney and the Gold Coast is cut off due to flooding far more frequently than the highway from the East Kimberley to Darwin or Broome.
  • The wet season is welcomed as a time of rejuvenation. It is celebrated by residents, the traditional landowners of The Kimberley, and the native flora and fauna as a season of rebirth and renewal.

Lake Argyle – Open Year Round

Discovery Resorts – Lake Argyle is the ideal place to begin or end your Kimberley travels, and is the preferred stopover among self-driving explorers seeking comfortable caravan and camping sites, cabins and villas with well-appointed facilities, amenities, and dining – all at a great rate in a stunning location.

Lake Argyle’s natural beauty is accentuated in the wet season with her calm waters and natural bush setting the perfect location for bushwalking, mountain biking, fishing, boating, wildlife spotting, or a swim in the iconic infinity pool.

The wet season is a popular time at Lake Argyle, with many taking advantage of the year round opening of their boat cruises, scenic flights and adventure tours. Explains Charlie, “Lucky guests can experience waterfall season in a number of spectacular ways. I highly recommend a Boat Cruise on Lake Argyle or the HeliSpirit Adventure tour from Lake Argyle to the Bungle Bungles via the Carr Boyd Ranges, Ragged Range, Ord River Wetlands and the Argyle Diamond Mine. It’s a remarkable way to experience the beauty of the East Kimberley region.”