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How to make your indoor tent

Indoor tent

You may have to be inside but that doesn’t mean you can’t go camping right in your living room! Grab your brother or sister and get to work making your own indoor tent.

Step 1: Find a clear space when you can set up your tent.

Step 2: Grab 3 chairs. Preferably with tall backs or stools and put them in a square pattern. They will make up the walls of your tent.

Step 3: Next grab some pillows and line your tent floor with them so that it will be super cosy inside! If you have a soft rug you can put that over the top of your pillows for extra softness.

Step 4: Grab a lightweight blanket or sheet and drape it over your chair walls. Make sure the blanket or sheet isn’t too heavy or it won’t stay up! You could even grab a few and peg them together with clothesline pegs to make sure they’re secure.

Step 5: Grab a torch and pop it in the back corner of your tent. If you shine it up at your ceiling it will give your tent a nice soft glow.

Now you can deck out your tent with everything you need! Take some toys, teddies and books in with you and make sure you invite Mum and Dad to check out your new digs!

When you’ve built your fortress take a pic and upload it here. We’ll be showcasing our favourite tents here on our website and maybe even on Facebook!

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