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What Type of Caravanner Are You?

Posted by Discovery Parks on 1 Mar 2017

At Discovery Parks, we’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way) that we all do things in very different ways. Caravanners are definitely no exception.

Caravanners are a great bunch but no two are alike. So for a bit of fun, we’ve narrowed down some of the most common caravanner personalities and exactly how you can spot them.

Does one of the below types of caravanners sound like someone you know? How many have you spotted at your favourite holiday park?

The Novice

The first time caravanner. Give them a clear berth when they’re reversing into the caravan park.

The Chiller 

The Chiller has no plans and is happy to go with the flow and see where they end up every day. They are often found sitting in a deck chair, with a beer, staring at a large body of water.

What Type of Caravanner Are You?

The Planner

Loves an itinerary. They relish the opportunity to fine tune every nitty gritty detail of a holiday and has every second, of every day planned out.

The Budgeter

Pinches every penny! You’re more likely to find them parked by the side of the road at night than in an actual holiday park.

What Type of Caravanner Are You

The Repeater

We all know one; The Repeater goes back to the same holiday park year after year. They’ve had a standing booking on a particular site, on the same weekend, for the last 20 years.

The Complainer

Expects everything to be exactly like it is at home. Complains when it isn’t.

The Group 

These are the people that only seem to ever travel in a group. Often found taking over the camp kitchen or the BBQs. Don’t park next to them unless you want to be kept up all night!

What Type of Caravanner Are You?

The ‘Maybe Next Year’

They retired, bought a caravan, but the caravan has never actually left the driveway.

The Chatty Cathy

Will talk to anyone and everyone! Guaranteed to be your new best friend by the time you leave the holiday park.

What Type of Caravanner Are You?

The ‘No Kids Allowed’ 

Loves peace and quiet. Never travels during school holidays.

The Vintage Caravanner

Most likely aged between 25 & 35 and probably travelling close to home in case the vintage van doesn’t make it and needs repairs.

What Type of Caravanner Are You?

The Adventurer

Takes the road less travelled. More than once their kids have contacted the local authorities because they went bush for a few days and lost phone reception.

The Techie

Goes caravanning just so that they can buy new caravan gear. Attends multiple days of the Caravan & Camping Show. Always has the latest gadgets and accessories.


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