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Unlock the beauty of the sea serpent along The Warlu Way. Done by few, this winding and expansive drive through Australia's North West will take you to bays to snorkel, national parks to wander through, and cascading waterfalls to swim beside. Does that sound like a travelling paradise? 

The traditional journey has several spots starting from Exmouth, following along the coast through Karijini National Park, and ending in Broome. Create your itinerary with Discovery Parks for your personalised Warlu Way exploration. 

Begin at Discovery Parks - Onslow: the gateway to the Mackerel Islands for snorkelling, swimming, and relaxing. If you're a keen fisherman, experience some BIG catch and reel in queenfish and snapper. Whether you're into fly fishing, beach fishing, boat fishing or a charter - there is something for everyone. And Australian history fans, forget the old town of Onslow! 

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Onslow Warlu
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When you're a bit over sapphire waters (if that's even possible), head up to Karratha and enter into the ancient terrain of the Pilbara. Discovery Parks - Pilbara, Karratha will accommodate your day trips out to the unspoilt Karijini National Park and the 42 islands that make up the Dampier Archipelago. Rich with Indigenous cultural relics, witness the rock engravings and Aboriginal archaeological sites.

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Pilbara Warlu Way
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Complete your journey at Discovery Parks - Port Hedland with a view of the dazzling natural phenomenon Staircase to the Moon, when the full moon rises at low tide. At certain times of the year, experience turtle nesting and hatching - right on the beach! With a stunning coast line, rich in resources and plenty of spots for fun on the water, Port Hedland will be the cherry on top of your Warlu Way trip. 

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Port Hedland Warlu Way
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