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There isn't a moment to be aimless in Tasmania! From sports to food and everything in between, our holiday parks are conveniently located near the best festivals and games in the state. With autumn approaching, Tasmania uncovers its unabashed magnificence. Experience the vibrance and culture at one of the many events this season. 

Dark Mofo - Hobart, TAS (8-21 June 2017)

Celebrate the winter solstice at Hobart's premiere winter arts festival. Run through the Museum of Old and New Art, Dark Mofo showcases an eclectic mix of national and international artists and performers. A fortnight of festivities that are spread across the city of Hobart - embrace the dark months at Australia's southern-most capital. 

Festival of Voices - Hobart, East Coast of TAS (30 June - 16 July 2017)

Australia's occassion to observe the beauty of voice. Are you soothed by the harmony of a song? The Big Sing Bongfire, the festival's origins, involves a crowd as large as 5,000 people singing in unison at Salamanca Place. Sing, participate and enjoy the wide variety of performances across Hobart. 

Huonville Valley Mid-Winter Festival - Huonville, near Hobart, TAS (14-16 July 2017)

Artisanal cheese, a pint of craft cider and live music - we're all in. Celebrate the region's apple pickin' history! Come along for vibrant costumes, tasty food and drink, candlelight and heart-thumping music.  


Devonport Jazz Festival - Devonport, TAS (27-30 July 2017)

Don't be a drag this winter, get jazzed instead. This award-winning music festival in North West Tasmania features the top jazz artists across Australia, including some visiting international acts. Spread across the city of Devonport, let the woolly blanket of the music warm your soul. 

Tasmanian Whisky Week - All TAS (4-13 August 2017)

Not just a week, but nine whole days of all things whiskey. Distilleries will be opening their doors to the public for tours, tastings of unreleased whiskies, and the opportunity to produce your own! Get to know our liquor and the people who make it. 

Chocolate Winterfest - Latrobe, near Devonport, TAS (13 August 2O17)

Ooey, gooey, yummy, and delicious. How would you describe the beauty that is chocolate? The food of the gods and the way to any partner's heart, experience Tasmania's ultimate festival of chocolate. Indulge in a slice of the darkest cocoa, have a spoonful of a waffle drizzled with chocolate sauce or decorate your own treats. Chocaholics: this one is for you!